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Once Bishop Johnston was named the new bishop of our diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, I decided to work on a wooden crozier for him. When he was ordained bishop in 2008 for the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau, I made him a crozier which was gifted to him on behalf of our seminary college. Unfortunately, after a few years of use, while Bishop Johnston was celebrating Mass in his diocese, the crozier was leaned up against a wall by the emcee and it plummeted to the ground, thus breaking the crook of the crozier.

Bishop Johnston said he got a lot of use out of the four piece wooden travel crozier, so we decided to present him with the new one that I finished during the middle of last week. Abbot Gregory presented the crozier to Bishop Johnston shortly before the diaconate ordination of Br. Etienne last Thursday evening. Bishop Johnston used the crozier for the first time at the ordination that evening.