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I learned how to make stained glass windows while I was studying theology in preparation for the priesthood in St. Vincent’s in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. It was an interest and a hobby that I did on the side between studying for classes. I made a few windows, but nothing spectacular, mainly gifts for family and friends.

The renovation of the monastery, offered the opportunity to add some new artwork in the monastery, especially work done by the monks themselves. I expressed interest in making a series of windows for the monastery Mass chapel and the chapter room. We acquired the necessary supplies and Br. Michael and I worked on the design and colors to use.

I have spent the last several months assembling the window, little by little. It involves several processes, but it is enjoyable and relaxing work. I finished my first window in April and took it to Olathe, Kansas for a company to encapsulate it in glass in the window. A couple of weeks ago, the first window was installed into the monastery Mass chapel. The window is compromised of two panels that measure approximately 20 inches wide and 22 inches tall. I will complete four more panels and two more windows in the near future.

Below: Last week it was a great privilege to have Br. Mark Florenini, my stained glass teacher and monk of St. Vincent Archabbey, visiting for a few days. We spent one afternoon starting and working together on another window.

Below: The final and installed product.