Last year I was assigned to head a team to look at renovating our “Alumni Union.” It is the space in St. Maur Hall where the seminarians congregate regularly when they are looking to relax, interact with one another, and just hang out. Additionally, the Union offers snacks and beverages to purchase. It is one of the more popular places for them to hang out on a Friday evening.

After getting three seminarians on the team to help brainstorm and access the needs of the students and the use of the space, we devised a questionnaire to ask the seminarians why they go to the Union and what they would like to see change.

After gather the information and results from the questionnaire, I called upon my talented sister-in-law to help with the design ideas. My sister-in-law, Paige, is the owner of an excellent Interior Design business in Oklahoma City, called A-Line Designs. I knew she would be very helpful in the planning process and assisting with a new design. She and her team were wonderful and got the project moving in the right direction.

Below you can see pictures of what the Alumni Union looked like before the most recent renovation.


A-Line Designs worked up a few designs and sent them our way.


The renovation began in November 2016 and was complete in early-January 2017. The seminarians now have a new look to their favorite space. Many minds and hands went into making this vision a reality, including A-Line Designs, many of our employees, and Wiederholt Construction. Hopefully this space will serve us well for years to come!


Published by Fr. Etienne Huard, O.S.B.

Fr. Etienne is a monk and priest of Conception Abbey. Currently he serves as the monastery's Vocation Director.

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