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A few days ago, Brothers Michael and Placid worked on packaging up the old Stations of the Cross. The Stations were in the original Basilica and they will be restored and put into the current Basilica church. The monks are very excited about this project which has been a long time in the making. The Beuronese artwork of the Stations of the Cross actually predates the murals in the Basilica. They will need to be cleaned and restored. For this reason, they are being sent to New York, and we expect to have them back to put in the Basilica later this year.19059604_10103037090139154_3490115516422952546_n19059925_10103037090069294_8650202294717279057_n19059957_10103037090204024_3542488018533036818_n19060195_10103037090074284_6189669483780034246_n19059865_10103037090004424_3927417052560855511_n19145749_10103037090144144_7444253864663692059_nstations