Pumpkin Carving 

Monday evening the novices and juniors carved pumpkins. It was a great community bonding experience. Most of the monks who participated carved two or three pumpkins each. Even two monks from St. Benedict’s Abbey in Atchison who were on retreat joined in on the fun.  Advertisements

Monastery Rock Climbing 

Every fall the novices and juniors have an outing. This time around, I was in charge of organizing the event and taking them. I asked them what they would like to do for fun. Bowling? Mini-golf? They were all interested in going to a rock climbing gym. So, I called around and found a place […]

Family Weekend 

This past weekend was the Seminary’s annual Family Weekend. The bulk of the festivities took place Saturday afternoon and evening. Fr. Etienne, freshmen chaplain and Kitchenmaster, organized the outdoor picnic and the food tent. He spent most of the day preparing some delicious ribs! The weather was very pleasant for late-September and everyone seemed to […]