Christmas Preparations

There are many activities in these final days of Advent as we prepare for Christmas. The¬† monks began decorating the monastery, with the church decorations to follow on Sunday afternoon. Below: Construction on the monastery’s water tower is coming along nice. The new water tower on the southeast side of campus will allow the monks […]

December Update

There are many things going on during these first couple of weeks of December. On December 8th we celebrated our Patronal Feast Day: Immaculate Conception. The mural of the Immaculate Conception is very prominent in our Abbey Basilica. Seminarians and guests joined us for Vespers I of the feast (pictures below). On December 12 we […]

Dr. Scott Hahn Talk

We had the privilege of welcoming¬†Dr. Scott Hahn to speak at Conception Abbey and Conception Seminary College on Friday. Dr. Hahn is Roman Catholic lay theologian, contemporary author, professor, and Christian apologist. He is a former Presbyterian who converted to Catholicism. He is an author of many books. Dr. Hahn gave a talk to the […]