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This past week we have been battling ice and wintery conditions. The bad weather has caused some professors not to be able to make the drive to Conception Seminary for their classes. I had to postpone a vocation trip to Omaha on Monday. Br. Placid has been working overtime caring for our parking lots and he has been very busy lately plowing the road and salting the sidewalks. I have stayed inside most of the week and thus avoid any treacherous conditions.


Above: Ice clings to the tree branches, but slowly melts as the morning sunlight warms it.
Below: The back steps near the infirmary dare not be crossed.


Inside, things are looking brighter, especially the progress on the Infirmary addition. I checked on the progress in the chapel, and it is coming along nicely. Workers installed some of the stained glass windows. The two main windows will were installed later on Friday (after I took pictures), so I will get pictures of those soon.


Above and Below: The stained glass windows along the side of the chapel. Detail shot below.IMG_2797IMG_2798IMG_2799

Below: One of the resident’s new rooms awaiting move-in day.IMG_2801