Merry Christmas! Christmas is always a beautiful time of year at the monastery. It takes much work from many people to make our celebrations special and prayerful. Many monks contributed to the decorating of our Abbey Basilica. You can see the pictures below of how it looks.


Below: Many vigils lights are placed all over the Basilica and burn for Midnight Mass and into the morning.

Below: Our musicians also practice a lot in preparation for Christmas. Br. David is practicing on the pipe organ.


Below: After Midnight Mass- I am pictured with Abbot Benedict and four altar servers (local youth from the area). It was a very nice celebration and we had a good crowd of people in the Basilica.


Below: The monks ring the bells by hand. The largest bell will take a person 5-10 feet off the ground. See how the bell carries one of the novices up into the air!


Christmas Day was 45 degrees and sunny. I was able to enjoy a bike ride in the afternoon.