Family Vocation Day

On Saturday, August 19, I attend the Family Vocation Day for the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph. It was held at St. Theresa’s parish in Parkville, Missouri. The day began with Mass with Bishop Johnston. My role was to set up our vocation booth and help with the “Monastic Day” sessions for the boys attending […]

Recent Ongoings

It has been a busy month and posting regularly has been a challenge. During the month of March we welcomed four monastery vocation guests. For each man, it was at least his second visit, which is always a good sign to welcome men back to our monastery. Fr. Victor returned from Washington, D.C. and joined […]

Moving Day Approaches

Moving Day, also known as “Monday”, is quickly approaching.  The monks are eager to settle into the newly renovated monastery. There are four “moving teams” assigned and each team will have ½ hour to move the effects of each monk from St. Joseph Hall to the monastery.  Monks are asked to have their belongings boxed and […]

Room Selection

There is a lot of excitement as the monks finished choosing which room they will occupy when it is time to move into the newly renovated monastery.  How are the monks choosing rooms?  It is based on seniority.  There were three rounds of room selections. When I mention “rounds” you might equate it with some […]

Moving Right Along

After the extensive demolition of the monastery, the renovation seems to be going smoothly.  The contractor says that we should still be ready for a July 1, 2015 move in date.  Within the next month, the monks will pick out their rooms based on seniority.  I am still in favor of having some kind of […]