Family Retreat

The Abbey Guest Center hosted its 10th annual Family Retreat. We had several families here with many children running around campus with excitement. “Pentecost” was the theme for this year’s retreat. I helped out by giving a couple of talks, focusing on the fruits of the Holy Spirit. I also helped organize the scavenger hunt […]

Monastic Recreation

This past weekend we had two monastic vocation candidates visiting. On Friday evening we had a game night and social. After visiting for a little while, we ended up playing Bang! The Dice Game. It is a hidden identity, bluffing, dice game where you try to eliminate other players based on your hidden character card. […]

September in Photos

The month of September is going by quickly. We have had some beautiful weather. Early on we had about a week of rain, which the farmers appreciated very much. Then, we have had plenty of sunshine, so everything is green in a way that we hadn’t seen all summer long. The seminarians had their first […]

Bible Study Retreat

On Sunday afternoon I invited several of the college students from my Wednesday Bible Study to come to the Abbey for a few hours for fellowship and some time to pray at the end of an academic year. The group all graduated from the local high school in Conception Junction within the past 4 years […]

Monastic Experience Weekend

We had seven men here for the Monastic Experience this past weekend. Our guests arrived Friday evening in time for Vespers and stayed through Sunday lunch. They lived the monastic schedule, prayed with the monks and ate with the monks. For several of the men, it was their first visit to Conception Abbey. These men […]

Christmas Preparations

There are many activities in these final days of Advent as we prepare for Christmas. The  monks began decorating the monastery, with the church decorations to follow on Sunday afternoon. Below: Construction on the monastery’s water tower is coming along nice. The new water tower on the southeast side of campus will allow the monks […]

Kan Jam

Last weekend we had a couple vocation candidates visiting. Recently, on these beautiful summer days we have been playing the Frisbee game, Kan Jam, during our normal recreation period. The game is played 2 vs. 2, with teammates on opposite sides of the field. One teammate throws the Frisbee, the other teammate tries to knock or […]

Thunder Cup 

This weekend we hosted six seminaries in our annual Soccer and Volleyball Tournament, also known as the “Thunder Cup” tournament. Saturday morning the soccer games began. There were six teams competing, and each were guaranteed two games. The winning teams from each bracket would face off in the championship Sunday morning. It was an overcast day, […]

A New Semester

The seminarians returned to campus Sunday evening by 10:00 PM. There were no classes on Monday, but it was time for those who needed to make corrections and adjustments to their schedule to have that taken care of. The pre-theologians were in charge of hosting the annual Epiphany Party, which is normally scheduled for the […]

Card Party at the Abbey

Saturday evening we hosted a group of eight couples who live around the Abbey.  All of them are parishioners at St. Columba’s in Conception Junction.  Many from the group get together regularly to have supper and play cards, so I decided to host them at the monastery.  We played in the Alumni Union in St. […]