History of the Abbey Basilica

I put together a video of the history of the Abbey Basilica for the feast of its Dedication.  I uploaded it on our Facebook page yesterday, but put it up on YouTube today.  Br. Cyprian, our Guestmaster, shares the history of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.  Enjoy this brief history of our beautiful church.

Monastery Renovation: Hidden Treasures

Since the monastery renovation has begun, workers have uncovered several interesting pieces of historical significance.  With such an extensive renovation to a historic building like the monastery, there’s no telling what they would find. Here are a few examples of some recent finds. Below:  Murals discovered a few months ago on the 4th floor when […]

From the Archivist’s Files

This posting was submitted by Br. Bernard Montgomery, O.S.B., a monk of Conception Abbey.  Br. Bernard has several monastic job assignments, but he contributes this entry in his role as Abbey Archivist. I became archivist of the Abbey in November of 2009.  I am responsible for the day to day oversight and work of collecting […]