Blessing of New Crucifix

The new crucifix which was hand carved specifically for the monastery dining room was mounted on Tuesday. The monastic community gathered for the blessing of this crucifix before supper. Abbot Gregory blessed the crucifix which all of the monks will look upon whenever we gather in the dining room. It is situated between a mural of Martha […]

Outside the Monastery

Plenty of work has been going on inside the monastery, but there is still a lot of work that needs to take place outside and around the building. The old concrete stairs on the west side of the monastery were demolished in order to put in new ones. Br. Etienne recently took some amazing macro […]

Moving Day Approaches

Moving Day, also known as “Monday”, is quickly approaching.  The monks are eager to settle into the newly renovated monastery. There are four “moving teams” assigned and each team will have ½ hour to move the effects of each monk from St. Joseph Hall to the monastery.  Monks are asked to have their belongings boxed and […]

Work Around the House

Workers have been tearing up and replacing the sidewalks around the monastery and in various parts of campus.  However, all the rain these past weeks has left things quite the muddy mess.  We trust that the beauty of our campus will be restored in due time.  In the meantime, at least everything is nice and […]

Room Selection

There is a lot of excitement as the monks finished choosing which room they will occupy when it is time to move into the newly renovated monastery.  How are the monks choosing rooms?  It is based on seniority.  There were three rounds of room selections. When I mention “rounds” you might equate it with some […]

Moving Right Along

After the extensive demolition of the monastery, the renovation seems to be going smoothly.  The contractor says that we should still be ready for a July 1, 2015 move in date.  Within the next month, the monks will pick out their rooms based on seniority.  I am still in favor of having some kind of […]

Onward, Renovation!

Here are a few updates from the monastery renovation project over the past couple of weeks.  The monastery renovation is on time and should be completed May/June 2015. Above:  Workers brought in a large crane to left some of the heating and cooling equipment (don’t ask me exactly what it is). Above:  West side of the […]

Renovation Continues

I took some monastery renovation pictures a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t get around to posting them.  It was around Thanksgiving time when the monks on mission were back home for a few days and they were offered a tour of the monastery.  I hope to get more renovation pictures in the days ahead, […]

I’m Digging it

The front of the monastery is not the most picturesque these days, as the construction and renovation project has turned to digging up the ground. This work has resulted in a couple of big mounds of dirt decorating the front yard.  But, though unsightly, it must mean progress, and one step closer into moving into […]

Temporary Dining Room

On Saturday evening, the monks began taking their meals in a new location. We had been eating in the seminarian dining room, but since many of the seminarians return in one week, we had to vacate their space and find our own new location. Obviously none of this would be an issue if the monastery […]