Triduum Schedule

What does the Abbey’s Triduum Schedule look like?  See below. Holy Thursday 11:00am Reconciliation Service (Basilica) 12:00pm Lunch 5:00pm  Holy Thursday Banquet (Guest Dining Room) 7:00pm  Solemn Eucharist of the Lord’s Supper Adoration of the Eucharist until Midnight Good Friday 7:50am  Morning Prayer 11:45am  Daytime Prayer 12:00pm  Lunch 3:00pm  Celebration of the Passion of the […]

Special Delivery

The monks are responsible for getting the mail to the various departments on campus. The Post Office is conveniently placed on the northwest corner of campus, attached to the Printery House. The mail arrives around lunch time and one of the monks is assigned to pick it up from the Post Office after Day Prayer […]