Adventures in Bicycling

On Saturday, seminarian John Paul Hartnedy (Diocese of Little Rock) and I headed out on a little biking pilgrimage. Our plan was to ride the Wabash Trace Nature trail from Blanchard, Iowa to Imogene, Iowa and visit St. Patrick’s Church in Imogene. The monks have been reading the history of the Diocese of Des Moines […]

1,500 Miles…and Counting

As the temperatures get cooler, I am happy to announce that this week I reached my 1,500 mile biking goal for the year.  All of my bike rides for the year began at the Abbey.  The outdoor biking season is not necessarily over, but I prefer not to bike in temperatures below 50 degrees, especially if […]

Labor Day Weekend

I was invited to help out with a Catholic young adult gathering at Lake Pomme de Terre, about four hours south of the monastery.  When I told people the name of the event, they just started laughing.  It was called “Nature’s Call.”  I’m sure the original campers had fun with coming up with the title. […]

From Sunrise to Sunset

Everyone had a strange feeling when they stepped outside this morning– it actually felt warm.  I know that “warm” is a relative term, but to be outside, see the glorious sunrise, and not have to wear a coat, how can you not raise your mind and heart to God? When I saw the temperature this […]

The Strange Weather Continues

The strange weather continues, varying from rather pleasant with a hint of spring, to rain, thunder, snow, sleet, and hail.  I do not think the weather can make up its mind.  However, like many things in life, it is something we certainly cannot control, so we make the best with what are given. The following […]