Blessing of New Crucifix

The new crucifix which was hand carved specifically for the monastery dining room was mounted on Tuesday. The monastic community gathered for the blessing of this crucifix before supper. Abbot Gregory blessed the crucifix which all of the monks will look upon whenever we gather in the dining room. It is situated between a mural of Martha […]

Monastery Art: Part III

The construction on the monastery is coming along rather nicely.  The art in the monastic refectory, chapter room, and hallways is serving to adorn the new space, making it a place which glorifies God through its beauty. Br. Michael is coordinating the artistic efforts and finishing some of the work begun by the professional artists. Below: […]

What’s for dinner?

Many people are surprised when they find out that the monks eat almost all of their meals in silence.  Okay, maybe they are just surprised to hear that I do not talk during meals.  My experience has been that even when you are not talking with the people around you at meals, there is still […]