Behind the Cloister Door

We’re back in the Monastery! The monastic community made the move on Monday, June 15th.  While much of the work occurred on that day, there is still plenty of moving and cleaning going on.  Everyone is adjusting well to a familiar environment with a completely new look. Workers still roam the hallways giving necessary attention […]

Room Selection

There is a lot of excitement as the monks finished choosing which room they will occupy when it is time to move into the newly renovated monastery.  How are the monks choosing rooms?  It is based on seniority.  There were three rounds of room selections. When I mention “rounds” you might equate it with some […]

Onward, Renovation!

Here are a few updates from the monastery renovation project over the past couple of weeks.  The monastery renovation is on time and should be completed May/June 2015. Above:  Workers brought in a large crane to left some of the heating and cooling equipment (don’t ask me exactly what it is). Above:  West side of the […]

I’m Digging it

The front of the monastery is not the most picturesque these days, as the construction and renovation project has turned to digging up the ground. This work has resulted in a couple of big mounds of dirt decorating the front yard.  But, though unsightly, it must mean progress, and one step closer into moving into […]

Operation: Renovation

Br. Maximilian provides us with today’s pictures from inside the monastery. The renovation process proceeds as workers continue the demolition process. Below:  One of the stairways is removed, leaving quite the drop-off below. Above: The monastery’s “treasures” are stored away from harm’s way.