March Scenery

We had some warmer weather this week. This inspired me to get out on the bicycle a couple of times with Fr. Etienne. It also encouraged me to pick up my camera and go for a walk. There are signs of spring- not so much in flowers and leaves, but in a sense of new […]

Freshmen Class Outing

Every year the different classes in the seminary college will organize a class outing. Usually these occur in the spring semester, particularly when the weather is nicer. The freshmen class traveled to Lake Viking to the home of friends of mine. They were generous enough to allow the 25 of us to spend most of […]

From Above

The weather has been beautiful this week and the sun finally broke through the clouds today to unveil some vibrant colors. Just during this week we have seen a remarkable difference with the amount of foliage on the trees. We still have a ways to go, but spring is off to a great start. This […]

March Madness

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all the Irish (and all who wish they were Irish). We have a nice line-up of great saints this week:  St. Patrick, St. Joseph (March 19), and St. Benedict (March 21).  We celebrate the “passing” or “transitus” of St. Benedict as our solemnity, which is this Saturday. Yesterday evening, even […]

Feeling like Spring

The weather is into the 60’s this weekend, and should stay there for the rest of the week.  Everyone is enjoying this weather after a rather dismal February.  The seminarians are enjoying an off-campus weekend and the monks are enjoying the quiet time and beautiful weather.  There are several guests here this weekend, including a […]

In Nature

Below are a collection of various nature pictures that I took during this Easter week. The grass is now nice and green and the trees are beginning to bloom and get some color. We have experienced a nice combination of sunshine and rain this week.   

A Little More Like Spring

This week has been remarkably warmer, and signs of spring are all around us. The grass is looking far greener than ever, and people are outside walking, jogging, and working. Below:  Br. Blaise rakes some leaves and prepares the gardens on a beautiful afternoon. Below: The light from the evening sun casts a stunning reflection […]

The Strange Weather Continues

The strange weather continues, varying from rather pleasant with a hint of spring, to rain, thunder, snow, sleet, and hail.  I do not think the weather can make up its mind.  However, like many things in life, it is something we certainly cannot control, so we make the best with what are given. The following […]