More Fall Colors

These past few days have proven to be one of the most beautiful fall seasons that I can remember. The leaves are especially vibrant, and this weekend we have enjoyed temperatures in the mid-60’s. We had our share or cloudy and rainy days, but the trees are in all their glory and beauty. Nothing says […]

A Colorful Transition

The past few weeks have been filled with many activities. Most notably, the monastic community is preparing for the election of a new Abbot on November 22nd. Please pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we preparing for this exciting time in the life of our community. The reason I have not been […]

From Above

The weather has been beautiful this week and the sun finally broke through the clouds today to unveil some vibrant colors. Just during this week we have seen a remarkable difference with the amount of foliage on the trees. We still have a ways to go, but spring is off to a great start. This […]

Magnolias in Bloom

The magnolia trees between the monastery and St. Maur Hall are in full bloom. The opened up sometime early last week and were spared from the freezing temperatures. Currently they are clinging to the branches amid some fierce southern winds that we have been having these days. The rest of the trees are starting to […]

October’s Beautiful Colors

If the wind doesn’t blow all of the leaves off of the trees, then we’ll be able to enjoy the nice colors for a little longer. This year’s fall colors are no disappointment. Campus is looking great as the temperatures drop. This morning it was close to freezing temperature, but forecasts say Sunday and Monday could […]

Summer Storms

Storms continue to sweep across northwestern Missouri, dropping a good amount of rain in the process. Yesterday evening we had another storm bring loud thunder and flashes of lightning. It was not the first time this week that we have had quite the showing of the forces of nature. Here is the official rainfall for […]

In Nature

Below are a collection of various nature pictures that I took during this Easter week. The grass is now nice and green and the trees are beginning to bloom and get some color. We have experienced a nice combination of sunshine and rain this week.